Playmakers: On Purpose

Drawing insight from ZOOM, Amazon, Disney, Navy SEALS, NFL, NBA, Olympics, ESPN, Shark Tank, and Top Ivy Leagues, the Playmakers: ON PURPOSE podcast is an all-access pass to a purpose-centered tribe of leaders in business, sports, and life who are on a mission of meaning and impact. The show takes purpose from an out of reach North Star to a practical and tactical exploration of how we can step into each day, ON PURPOSE, where life no longer happens “to us”, it begins to happen “for us”.

From the Why Coach of the San Francisco 49ers to your coach, take a seat at the table with sports industry executive, #1 bestselling author, personal transformation expert, turned senior leader, advisor to PurposePoint and The Why Institute, and Success Magazine's Top Global Thought Leader, Paul Epstein, in this inspiring, yet immediately actionable podcast.

From formative stories pre-purpose to personal and professional transformation’s post-purpose, each show will share a high-energy, prescriptive blueprint to ignite impact and drive inner success, fulfillment, and purpose no matter your starting point. It’s time to meet Paul at the 50 and get ready to live and lead ON PURPOSE.